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We are a welcoming family of faith called by God to believe in Jesus Christ and be transformed into his likeness.

We joyfully proclaim the gospel in worship and in the world by the power of the Holy Spirit for the glory of His name.

Praying Together
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Worship Style

We worship with a blend of the best of traditional and contemporary. 

What to Wear?

Wear whatever you want and are comfortable in! You don’t have to dress up; come as you are.

Nursery Care is provided if desired during the service.


First Presbyterian Church of Anderson was founded on September 14th, 1851 by the Reverend Edward Scofield and eleven other Presbyterians. 1851 was also the year the railroad came to town and Anderson began to flourish. They met in the county courthouse until their first sanctuary was completed on Meridian Street between 10th and
11th. Later it was replaced by a brick structure on the same site. Still later, a larger church was built on the corner of 9th and Jackson, a block to the east of the present church built in 1906. 1954 saw the addition of the Education Wing and Fellowship Hall. In 2006, the Access for All campaign provided handicapped accessibility to most sections of the church building by means of an elevator and ramps. 

First Church has generally had a tradition of long and strong pastorates. Edward Scofield was minister from 1851-61. B. F. Brundage was pastor from 1912-21. Frank Baker saw the beginnings of the General Motors era in Anderson and served from 1921-42. George Taggart was present for the zenith of Anderson, General Motors, and the Presbyterian Church. Under George’s direction from 1942-72, the church grew to close to 1800  members. Harry Thompson and Doug Hall followed with ten-year tenures of their own. Pastor Rick Kimmer led from 1998 until his untimely death in 2007. Ryan Rasmussen was our pastor from 2010 until 2013. Pastor Kevin Bausman has been here since March of 2014.

The church is blessed with a beautiful sanctuary including Tiffany windows. The church also boasts beautiful music from its many bell and vocal choirs, pipe organ, and Steinway piano. But, the greatest strength of First  Presbyterian Church of Anderson is its people and their warm, welcoming spirit. From its humble beginning to the present, the members of First Presbyterian Church are dedicated Christians attempting to grow in Christ daily. They give themselves to sharing Christ in Anderson through local ministries and to the world through missions work.

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