First Presbyterian Church - Anderson, IN

We are a welcoming family of faith called by God to believe in Jesus Christ and be transformed into his likeness.
We joyfully proclaim the gospel in worship and in the world by the power of the Holy Spirit for the glory of His name.

Join us for worship! Sundays at 10:00

Please take a look inside... Click on the door you would like to enter!!!

Door 1

Door 2

Door 3

Door 4

Door 1 is the door closest to our parking lot. It leads into the sanctuary. I suggest you start exploring by clicking on door 1.
Door 2 will also take you to the sanctuary, but I suggest door 1 first. You may want to socialize in the narthex. Door 3 is Handicap accessable. This door can be accessed by our gently sloping brick ramp. Turning right after entering door 3 you will find the elevator. Try it out.... you can click on the elevator buttons!
It is a good choice for accessing the nursery, parlor, and sanctuary
Door 4 is a good choice for accessing the church office or the parlor.