First Presbyterian Church - Anderson, IN

We are a welcoming family of faith called by God to believe in Jesus Christ and be transformed into his likeness.
We joyfully proclaim the gospel in worship and in the world by the power of the Holy Spirit for the glory of His name.

Join us for worship! Sundays at 10:00

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National Ministries.

Mission trips within the continental USA provide short-term ministry experiences under less demanding circumstances. These weeklong trips are family friendly, affordable, and offer great opportunities for team members to learn more about what it means to work as the body of Christ. Over the years our mission teams have ministered in Native American communities in Montana, and in urban communities of St. Louis, Missouri and Wheeling, West Virginia.

These trips are open to anyone who is interested in experiencing God through service to communities that are in need of Christian love and fellowship. The most experienced missionary, the first time traveler, and everyone in between, is certain to learn more about Jesus through these journeys.