First Presbyterian Church - Anderson, IN

We are a welcoming family of faith called by God to believe in Jesus Christ and be transformed into his likeness.
We joyfully proclaim the gospel in worship and in the world by the power of the Holy Spirit for the glory of His name.

Join us for worship! Sundays at 10:00

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Lorien Knapp Ministry

Lorien is diligently working the goal of setting up an NGO- which in Africa is comparable to a non-profit organization. The plan is to purchase land in the village so that they can start builing a permenant home.

Kwetu Faraja

We represent a group of people who grew up on the streets of urban Mwanza, Tanzania. By God's grace we were given a chance to escape that environment. We now dedicate our lives to serving the streets and reaching out to our brothers and sisters who remain in desperate conditions.

We began our work in Mwanza, under humble conditions where we struggled each day to continue our outreach. God has seen our struggle and has blessed us with an opportunity to establish a permanent home.

We are now beginning the process of building our home in the village of Kahunda.

Our organization is named "Kwetu Faraja" which means "Our Happy Home". For people who never knew what it meant to have a home, this is the first chance to have a place to rest and to experience love and peace. We open our doors and our arms to those who are in need of a home!

Lorien's and Paul's ministry:

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