First Presbyterian Church - Anderson, IN

We are a welcoming family of faith called by God to believe in Jesus Christ and be transformed into his likeness.
We joyfully proclaim the gospel in worship and in the world by the power of the Holy Spirit for the glory of His name.

Join us for worship! Sundays at 10:00

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Foreign Ministries

Members of our congregation have participated in international mission trips in Mexico, Jamaica, Guatemala, Peru, Kenya and Tanzania. The call to share the Gospel, has taken teams into remote jungles, rural communities, and urban neighborhoods. From the streets of Mwanza, across the mountains of Central America, into the heart of the Amazonian Rainforest, God’s love is at work in the hearts of his children.

Traveling to places with vastly different cultures and languages is a challenge, but the love of Christ speaks even when words fail. Our desire has been to develop long- term relationships with international communities and their indigenous ministries, and to help our congregation witness God’s powerful work among the Nations.

Our congregation maintains its missions responsibilities by supporting Presbytery Missionaries across the globe. We have also served as a sending congregation, hosted missionaries during furlough, and have received international students who were in the US to minister and advance their studies.